Vehicle Wrapping

Vehicle Advertising is one of the most affordable and effective forms of advertising for your business transforming your transportation to a mobile billboard to countless potential clients and reach out to new areas and markets with no extra cost.
Vehicle Advertising is an essential part of your marketing enabling your everyday car, van, truck bus or any other mobile transport to become a visual moving sign for your business. Now you can turn can turn what would be wasted time into an opportunity to get more exposure for every hour your vehicle is on the road.

My Sign Guy can help you to achieve excellent results from your Vehicle Advertising weather it be a car, boat or plane and everything in between for branding exposure, product launch, short term promotional or long term business signage. Using your current vehicle to expand your client base or manage your brand image through local impressions. Vehicle Advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to Advertise to a local Audience and creates a Presence and trust delivering a message that your business is reliable and here to stay. Vehicle Advertising can be planned over a month to 10 years to match your current and future needs.

My Sign Guy can transform your transportation with a Custom Wrap, Digital Printed Wrap, Full Colour Change or some Car Decals. Would you like to stand out from the crowd? Let My Sign Guy show you how by recommending the most effective method of execution for your specific business or product according to your budget.

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